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    This file contains all typos found in the book UNIX Network Programming, Volume 1, Third Edition
    • Last updated February 26, 2004
    • Note: The smallest number in the list of numbers above the ISBN towards the bottom of the copyright page specifies the printing. For example "10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1" specifies the first printing.

    • The following errors have not been corrected in any printing.
    Page Description
    6 The first full paragraph should begin 'Most discussions of Unix these days include the term "POSIX"'
    55 The second sentence of the last paragraph should begin "This permits a maximum-sized IPv4 header (20 bytes of fixed header, 40 bytes of options)..."
    723 The 6th argument to inet6_opt_append is uint8_t, i.e.,
    int inet6_opt_append(void *extbuf, socklen_t extlen,
                         int offset, uint8_t type, socklen_t len,
                         uint8_t align, void **databufp);
    948 The bibliography entry for CERT, 1996a should read "UDP Port Denial-of-Service Attack"
    950 The bibliography entry for Josey, 1997 should read "Upper Saddle River, NJ"
    Thanks to Greg Olin, Zvezdan Petkovic, JINMEI Tatuya, Rich Teer, and Rui Zhao for pointing out these errors.

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